What do you get when you mix a Sunset Hills estate farm purchased in 1927 turned Distillery and a couple destined to be together? THIS Bowman Distillery Wedding!  A. Smith Bowman Distillery has to be one of the most artistic venues we’ve ever had the privilege of photographing in.  Every turn you took just pulled you into endless photographic opportunities and with a couple like Amber and Jeremiah you can’t help but be in awe of the moment and get a little gitty.

We’ve been blessed to know Amber and Jeremiah for a while now and was so excited when they asked us to capture their journey.  We LOVE weddings, and this one was extra special.

Did I mention this was a distillery?

Each section of the building opened up to new aromas, and the smell was mesmerizing.  You ready to nerd out?!?!  The original distillery in Fairfax was founded in 1934, just one day after the end of the Prohibition and was the only legal whiskey distillery in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  In 1988, Bowmans Distillery relocated to Spotsylvania and 29 years later would become the place Jeremiah and Amber say those famous words………..I Do.

The wedding day was a cool one.  It was one of those days Virginia just didn’t know what kind of whether she wanted to display.  Ahh…good ol Virginia.  Those of you that live here know what I’m talking about those that don’t…let me explain.  On any given day in Virginia it will be 85 degrees and sunny, the next day it will be 30 and snowing, then back up to 75 and sunny the following day.  Thankfully the snow and rain held out for a beautiful clear, sunny day.

These two didn’t do a first look.  They wanted to share that “Oh Wow” moment with all of their closest friends and family.  Instead, they had a beautiful moment of prayer with each other.  A moment to reflect on how far they’ve come together and how beautiful their future will be.

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BARN WEDDING AT GLASGOW FARM 180 reflections photography

Charlotte and Michaels’ barn wedding at Glasgow Farm is going to go down as one of those weddings we’ll never forget.  My entire side of my family have been friends with the Quigleys for many…many years, and Brandie and I were honored they asked us to capture their wedding day.  From the fun engagement session in Clifton, VA to the barn style wedding at Glasgow Farm, the entire experience was fantastic.  And yup, you heard me right, a barn wedding.  You just KNOW I was like a kid in a candy store.  I just LIVE for weddings like these.  These old barns offer so much character, and pizazz one simply can’t hold back their excitement.  The Family Home and Old Barn were originally built in 1900 and was the perfect setting for their wedding.

Animals, there were animals everywhere.  They had everything from chickens to goats and everyone attending the wedding had such a blast interacting with it all. During the reception I don’t think there was a single moment where 25% of the guests were off making friends with the goats.

There’s history here!  My brother Rob was friends with Joe who is Michael’s brother; they were best friends for as long as I can remember.  They did just about everything together from the Wednesday night Poker shenanigans at my parents’ house to the 2 AM “I need Diet Coke STAT” runs.  Through unfortunate circumstances, we lost Joe in a car accident, and it shook us all up pretty good. What hit my heart about the entire wedding was how they incorporated Joe into the wedding.  Joe was front stage, right up there at the altar with the rest of the guys shining brightly up on a ladder, and I think it’s just the coolest thing that Charlotte thought to make him a part of the ceremony.

With perfect weather, this beautiful wedding went off without a glitch, and everyone had a blast enjoying amazing food, cornhole in the field, then dancing by moonlight. Seriously, couldn’t have been any better of an evening.

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We’ve been dreaming about this country wedding at Walden Hall for almost a year, and here we are!  Ryan and Amanda tied the knot this past weekend in Culpeper, Virginia and we were there to capture all the beautiful moments.  From the moment we arrived we knew it was going to be a magical day full of happy tears, beautiful people, and lots of memories.  This family has become just that, family!  We simply adore everything about them and could not wait till their wedding day. Last year we photographed Amanda’s sister’s wedding and had so much fun we just couldn’t wait to see everyone again.

When Brandie and I arrived at the venue we were so excited for the beautiful weather, amazing landscapes, and the opportunity to capture that “I do” moment.  At the beginning of the day everyone was a bit worried as the weather man was calling for a 60% chance of thunderstorms right when the ceremony was supposed to start.  Just about every 15 minutes from the time we got there we were constantly looking up in the sky, just praying for the clouds to stay away.  Wouldn’t ya know, not a single drop of rain the entire day.  In fact, the only water involved during the entire day was a nice dip in the pool following the reception!  Seriously, if you need an amazing wedding venue that has EVERYTHING, check out Walden Hall.  The staff is amazing, the house is beautiful, and they have a room for just about anything you can think of.

Ryan and Amanda, thank you so much for being such an amazing couple and for allowing us to hang out and capture such sweet memories.  We love everything about your family and can’t wait to share all the beautiful images.

Enjoy some of our favorites from Ryan and Amanda’s wedding at the Walden Hall Luxury Bend and Breakfast.

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As photographers, we dream daily of that perfect setting, perfect weather, and for everything to simply line up on the wedding day. Things were going so well till it started to rain the night before this Orange County Virginia wedding. But did that stop us from having the time of our lives? No way! We’re professionals, ha. We embrace it and move on. In fact, the overcast sky was kind of perfect. If you’re not into photography, I must insert here that a slightly overcast sky is a dream for some photographers as it produces the best overall light outside and eliminates harsh shadows on people. Well, the sky on this wedding day was anything shy of AWESOME and helped create some of my most favorite wedding pictures I’ve ever taken.

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IMG_1237 culpeper virginia wedding 180 reflections

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you this beautiful and elegant wedding.  This Culpeper, Virginia wedding was anything shy of magical.  Brandy Hill Farm supplied the perfect setting for these two to say I DO.  Everything about this wedding iS simply a photographers dream.  Those of you that know me would say “Hey look, it’s Brian’s dream  wedding as well.” Barns, the country life, I could live in these two things for the rest of my life.

From the flowing white dress, the horses outside the barn, to the outside wedding ceremony with lush rolling green fields in the background.  God’S beauty was displayed everywhere!  It was like looking at a painting and you couldn’t help but stop every 5 seconds and simply soak it in.

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